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Memoirs of a Greek Migrant Family

by Michael (Stratos) Jack Kailis

ISBN 0 85905 382 2, (2006 New), Soft Cover, 327pp, 435grams

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Michael (Stratos) Jack Kailis was born in Western Australia of Greek parents. His formative years were spent in North Perth, now known as Northbridge.

The catalyst for his story was 16 pages of handwritten notes entrusted to Michael by his mother shortly before her death. That document, and a passion to tell his grandchildren of the lives of their forebears in Australia, became the kernel of this book.

Michael tells of the dangerous times that forced his parents’ families to come to Australia. He tells of how his father and mother met, of their courtship and marriage, and of their humble beginnings. Above all, he writes with pride about the hard work and dynamism of his father in building a major business, which grew to employ over 800 people.

Michael fleshes out his family history with his own memories of growing up in North Perth. He gives us an intimate portrait of a busy extended family household adapting to the Australian way of life and, in turn, helping to make Australia the multicultural society we now all enjoy. He introduces his reader to many unforgettable characters, men and women whose stories – funny, sad, ordinary or strange – make up the very fabric of Australian post-war social history.

Enormously proud of his Greek heritage and culture, Michael Kailis has nevertheless written a testament to family life for all Australians.

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