millendon_coverThe Millendon Memoirs

George Fletcher Moore's Western Australian Diaries and Letters,
1830 - 1841

edited by J M R Cameron

ISBN 0 85905 388 1, (2006 New), Hard Cover,  536pp, illustrated, 1020grams

$80.00* + POST

This is probably the most important colonial work to be published in WA. There are no other diary or letter sequences of such content from such a central figure in the early colony. Dr Cameron has assiduously bought together the documents that were omitted from the “Diary of Ten Years”, together with that material, to form an altogether different volume, with three times the content of ‘Ten Years’. The correct order and full expression of the letters gives quite a different picture to that previously portrayed. This is an absolutely essential volume for anyone interested in, or studying, colonial history,  policy, or the lives of the colonists and the land around them.