Hesperian Press welcomes unsolicited manuscripts in the areas exampled by the titles published. Before any publication is accepted, it will be reviewed by at least one person with appropriate expertise.

However, a telephone call (08 9362 5955) or email beforehand would be advisable. Note that we do not publish fiction. Before you submit a manuscript obtain a copy of:

Get it Write!, Revised Edition, 2007. It can be downloaded free in PDF format.

Click here to see other works on grammar and style.

Notes on submission of manuscripts to Hesperian Press

We have, at a great expense of time, trouble and capital, produced our style guide and these notes. We expect you to read and adhere to them as we are not in the business of writing your book for you.


The M/S must be complete and ready to go. However we will view a “rough” M/S to ascertain content suitability, if the authors do not wish, or are unable, to complete the editing etc for what may be a ‘shot in the dark’. This especially applies to old M/S and material from ‘old timers' whose memoirs are handwritten. Ask and all shall be forgiven. Blessed is he who expects little, for he shall not be disappointed.

The final M/S must be submitted as per the guide instructions

We do not use line space/double paragraph breaks between paragraphs – indent first line 1cm, except first paragraph of chapters. Use a line space for above and below indented quotations.

Do not use space bar to create tabs or line breaks. Use tables for table text or lists with two or more columns, not spaces or tabs.

When inserting fractions “1/2” use superscript & subscript. Do not use symbols for fractions as in conversion they will show up as underscore “_”

When saving files, if unsure whether the program you are using is compatible with ours, please save in Microsoft Word (preferrable) or Rich Text Format (.doc, .rtf, .docx) which can be read by most programs.

Make sure page numbers are either in header or footer, not within the text.

We do not use a double space after words, commas and periods.

Photos must be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi [preferably 600dpi in grey scale] for clarity and saved as jpeg or uncompressed TIF format. These should be supplied separately and not inserted into the text.

Please ensure that all corrections are done before final M/S submission Use the spellcheck in English, Australian. Check all homophones. Use a dictionary.

Once accepted your M/S will be converted and formatted. Any corrections after this will be charged to the author, and changes can only be made by our type setter.

You will receive a first proof. You must ensure that you have corrected all text problems. Corrections need to be marked up on a hard copy or with clear instructions of changes if there are no more than 10 corrections.

Photo positions must then be marked.

All numbered photos must be accompanied with a numbered list of captions/photo titles on USB. Do not expect the typesetter to read scrawls on the back of photos. Depending on the book size etc. photo credits can be with photo title or with the illustrations list at the front of the book.

A second proof will then be sent and again must be checked, especially that the photos are correctly placed and labelled.

Text corrections must be with fine tipped red ink pen, NOT a blue/black ballpoint or pencil.

Mark the text where a correction is to go and place the corrected text in the margin, or on an attached page. Do not mark corrections within the text, except for punctuation marks, unless they are very clear and make sure your handwriting is legible to me in artificial light, and then mark a large X in the margin opposite for all corrections so that we can clearly see where they are, or circle them largely.

We are not interested in the more esoteric typesetting symbols. Keep it simple and clear.

A separate list of pages with corrections is essential. These will ensure nothing is missed. 


Please note the following submission criteria:

We prefer manuscripts to be typed, double-spaced, on one side only of A4 paper with each page numbered as a preliminary.  [We are prepared to examine hand written and/or single-spaced typed pages];

If return of a manuscript is required it should be accompanied by an envelope addressed to the returnee, large enough to contain the manuscript and with enough POSTAGE attached (Preferably an Express Post 3kg prepaid bag).


Do not submit short stories or poems.

Do not submit manuscripts by disk or email. If accepted for publication, we will ask for the manuscript in electronic format, if available.

Do not include original photographs, illustrations, sketches or artwork of any type. We encourage you to send photocopies only of any artwork proposed for inclusion.  If the manuscript is accepted for publication, we will liaise with you about artwork.

Do not email submissions, unless requested. They will not be read.


The assessment process may take up to four weeks.  Due to the large number of submissions received we cannot provide detailed, written replies.  We will contact you after the assessment process has been completed - continually contacting us will not accelerate the process.

House Style

Authors must ensure their manuscript complies with the Hesperian Press house style.  Consistency of style throughout is required.

We use the Australian Oxford Dictionary and generally follow the Australian Government Publishing Service Style Manual For Authors, Editors and Printers.

It is essential to include a bibliography at the time of submission. Learn how to prepare a bibliography in the correct manner. If you don’t know or want to you should not be writing historical subjects. Go try creative writing elsewhere.

 Indexes must be prepared by the author after publisher's typesetting and formatting.

Do not telephone my home. I am not interested outside of office hours. Email is 24 hours.


Submissions should be posted to:

Hesperian Press

PO Box 317

Victoria Park, Western Australia, 6979.


Hand deliver to the office/bookshop at 65 Oats Street (rear), Carlisle, Western Australia.

Tuesday and Friday 1.00pm –5.00pm only.

Not at Reading for Sure at the front.  Do not use this as a postal address.        

Join the queue, the free for all, and the phone calls.